The Andean Secret

Gramolino is a family owned business, led by three dreamers. Agriculture and sustainability is our passion. We are deeply connected with the value of ancestral knowledge and their sustainable development.

It was born 19 years ago, under the visión of Food Engineer, Nelly Moreno. Our purpose was to cover the demand for high quality dry grains for the oil companies, offering a fair price; both for the consumers and for the producers.


Thanks to the high quality of our products, at this time Gramolino is focus in rescue and encourage the consumption of Andean ancestral grains, especially the amaranth.

In Peru it is called Kiwicha and in Mexico it is called Alegrías. In Ecuador, Amaranth is cultivated throughout the Andes. The richness of this ancestral and historical product, led us to undertake the adventure of rescuing the cultivation and consumption of Amaranth in Ecuador. Together with Ing. Eduardo Peralta from the INIAP, we reached the farming communities in Ecuador. At that time, he was working on a rescue program for the cultivation of ancestral seeds. At the beginning we developed three products: amaranth in grain, flour amaranth and flaked amaranth. Thanks to the vision of the owner of one of the largest supermarkets in the country, we managed to enter the retail chain and thereby reach more possible amaranth consumers.


“The important thing
behind each product
is the knowledge
of the land and
a sustainable
planting technique”

All our products are 100% Ecuadorian. Since our inception we have worked directly with the agricultural communities under policies of fair trade.

From the beginning we were clear it had to be 100% natural, gluten and lactose free, and reflecting the wonderful biodiversity of our country with an accessible cost. We have a clear intention that our marketing should benefit the farming communities of Ecuador.